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DWBee - Communication between devices (ZigBee)

The DWBee is a product developed by DailyWork in partnership with Centimfe and enables communication between devices using the ZigBee technology. The solution developed allows you to connect data communications units in limited areas with minimal consumption.
Communications between two units can be successively repeated units in the network until it reaches the final destination, all units can relay information and communications between the wireless units.
Thus, you can create a network of devices and sensors that communicate with each other or with the base, in a coordinated manner and with low power consumption.

Examples of possible applications are DWBee automatic reading of data from remote sensors (e.g., temperature, humidity, etc.), automated inventory management for warehouses, home automation, remote control of household equipment and industrial, among others.

  • Input/Output on ZigBee
    • Serial interface
    • 2 digital inputs (opto-couplers)
    • 5 analog inputs (ADCs)
    • 4 digital outputs
    • Integrated Antenna

  • Manageability of input / ouput
  • OEM applications such as sensor networks, industrial or domestic
  • Wireless Mesh
  • Adaptable to customer needs
  • Easy installation
  • Low power consumption
  • Power
    • 4V to 12V
    • Or 3.3V
  • Low cost


More information:
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