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Products DWNet

DWNet - Internet Anywhere

The DWNet is an Internet access solution for simple installation and low cost, offering coverage Wi-Fi access with 3G or 2G. Can be used anywhere with 230V AC power (useful for temporary locations such as construction sites, special events, etc) or 12V DC (useful for cars, buses, trucks, motor homes, solar installations, etc).

The product provides mobile broadband internet can, for example, be installed on public and private transport, making long journeys more pleasant and productive, or adding to its interactivity and entertainment events. Other possible uses are monitoring  or remote monitoring in the works, events, shops, transport, etc.


DWNet Architecture

  • Internet access in mobile or fixed environment (2G or 3G - free solution operator)
    • Internet road vehicles, rail and river transport (public transport or private motor homes, etc)
    • Internet in offices or temporary locations (sites, events, etc)
  • Local access to the Internet via a wireless network (Wi-Fi)
    • Allows access to email, facebook, twitter, etc
    • Entertainment local / on-board via a high speed local area network (IEEE802.11b/g/n < 300Mbps)
    • Turn travel in workshops or entertainment (eg network games)
  • Interconnection of local area networks (LANs)
  • Communication (Skype / VoIP) communications costs by avoiding a conventional mobile network
  • Monitoring / Remote video surveillance 
    • Shipyards works
    • Monitoring motorways
  • Telemetry via Wi-Fi router acting as a gateway to a remote server

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