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Products DWSolarTracker

DWSolarTracker - GPS Tracker for Life

The DWSolarTracker is an autonomous GPS tracker with an integrated small solar panel and a backup lithium battery, extending device lifetime more than 15 years. Equipped with GPS and GSM/GPRS modules is able to provide a worldwide location based on GSM cellular network when GPS satellites are bloked.
The website with integrated Map is suitable to track your assets.

  • Asset tracking (fixed or mobile units)
    • Containers
    • Semi-trailers
    • Wagons
    • Industrials machinery
    • Valuable assets
    • ATM machines

  • Key Features:
    • Autonomy unit for outdoor environments (internal battery)
    • Autonomy:
      • > 15 years
      • Without sun: 6 years @ 3 communications GPRS / day
    • GPS tracker
    • GSM location (worldwide GSM cells database)
    • GPRS and/or SMS communication
    • Recharge cycles > 50.000
    • Solar panel lifetime > 15 years
    • Movement detection (reports starts and stops)
    • Periodical communications remotely programmable
    • Website with integrated Map to track your assets
    • IP67 enclosure
    • Adaptable to the client needs
    • Low cost

    Website with integrated Map:
    Site DWSolarTracker

    For have access to the website with integrated map, contact us.

    More information:
    Datasheet (EN)
    If you need more information about this product contact us.