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Support Systems to the High Performance Athletes

Under the established cooperation protocol between the DailyWork and the Portuguese Cycling Federation (FPC) for Research and Development of Support Systems to the High Performance Athletes, the DailyWork aims to respond to scientific work needs the national technical team, which can enhance the qualities and the work of the riders at the service of national teams, in all aspects of the sport.

DailyWork make available to the national coaches a real-time remote monitoring system of riders performance. This system will allow, for example, the coach receive in the support car, during a race, data of its riders, as the power and pulse produced at each instant. Applied during the track training, for example, this technological tool will also give important information about the developed work and to develop by riders.

The DailyWork in partnership with FPC will develop other added value tools for high competition cycling, going forward the developed technology for non-professional riders.


This project has several international partners, it is a research project partially funded by the European Union through the Seventh Framework Program - FP7. The SAFERAIL project main objective is to minimize SAFERAIL failures associated with wheels and axles through the development and implementation of two new non-intrusive inspection systems. The first, an online system mounted on the rail module analyse high-frequency vibrations to detect cracks, holes and scales and serious anomalies in profile, a module for detecting acoustic emissions smooth and trouble bearings and a thermal imaging module for inspection of cracks, defects in the braking and axle box temperature. The second, an offline system, combines electromagnetic and ultrasonic inspections for rapid and reliable verification. Existing systems have problems identifying the detected equipments. These two systems will be equipped with artificial intelligence to be able to perform an automatic diagnosis and to inform that the detected defects. Eleven companies are in SAFERAIL from six different countries (Portugal, France, Belgium, Greece, Cyprus and England).

The DailyWork in partnership with the Brisa Innovation and Technology was contracted by EMEF to develop a solution SAFERAIL identification of rolling stock based on DSRC technology (used in Via Verde). Additionally, it was developed the software that controls the reader allowing the identification of this material. This software interacts with a remote database developed by EMEF for the management of rolling stock. These systems interact with the sensor system developed in the project SAFERAIL, enables to detect and prevent accidents.

WATRAC (WAgon TRACking system) 

DailyWork developed with EMEF (Empresa de Manutenção de Equipamento Ferroviário S.A.) an innovative solution for monitoring and tracking the new generation of container wagons manufactured in Portugal. This innovative solution creates value in the Portuguese transport industry.


The developed product, WATRAC (WAgon TRACking system), low cost and long range is installed on the wagon, allowing tracking it using the GPS system, as well as record the traveled kms, essential mechanism for the maintenance of wagons operations. Additionally, with the integrated sensors, state changes are detected (start / end of trip) as well as abrupt accelerations which can detect anomalies on rails or in wagon wheels. These mechanisms represent additional benefits in the prevention and railway safety.

The WATRAC works autonomously with an average duration of 15 months, the duration can be extended thanks to the intelligent management system of power consumption, also programmable. The sensors integrated in the unit can detect open or theft of the unit.

All collected data can be sent periodically, using the GSM / GPRS integrated module for analysis and remote treatment. The frequency of sending data is remotely programmable, making the product adaptable to the customers needs and other applications. The user interface was developed by EMEF who created a website presenting the information sent by WATRAC in a geo-referenced map.

Hardware WATRAC